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https://play.google.com/apps/publish/ 를 통해 google play 사이트에 들어간다. 

들어가 보면 app release시에 새로 sha1가 만들어진것을 알수 있다.


이 새로 만들어진 sha1를 이용하여 https://console.developers.google.com/apis/ 에서 해당 sha1를 이용한 새로운 credentials를 만들어주어야 한다. 

이 새로운 credential을 만드는 과정은 배포된 app은 새로 만들어진 sha1를 이용하여 api 서비스를 이용하기 때문에 api 접근 통로를 하나더 만드는 과정이다.


When you upload an apk to the play store then play store creates a new SHA1 key called “App signing certificate”. You get that SHA1 and save in your console or firebase account (as you need).

New SHA1 will be found at Released Management->App Sigining on your play console.


when you build signed apk with your filename.jks it has different SHA than your debug apk, put these SHA which is generated by signed apk in Firebase nd update it and again download json from firebase and override existing json from your android studio.

ref) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35561657/sign-in-with-google-for-android-not-working-in-release-apk