original source : http://www.androiddocs.com/design/wear/index.html

the Android Wear UI consists of two main spaces centered around the core functions of Suggest andDemand.

Suggest: The Context Stream

The context stream is a vertical list of cards.

Only one card is displayed at a time, and background photos are used to provide additional visual information.

Cards in the stream are more than simple notifications. They can be swiped horizontally to reveal additional pages.


Demand: The Cue Card

the cue card allows users to speak to Google. The cue card is opened by saying, “OK Google” or by tapping on the background of the home screen.


Other UI Features

  • The Home screen
  • Watch faces 
  • low-power Ambient Mode
  • Swiping down on the Home screen reveals the Date and Battery display. 
  • The Settings screen.
  • Full screen apps 
  • The background
  • Status indicators, showing connectivity, charging status, airplane mode, and in some watch faces a count of unread items.
  • The top ranked card in the Context Stream.

android wear의 기본 철학

기기가 스스로 context를 파악해서 사용자게 에게 필요한 정보를 먼저 제공(suggest)한다. 사용자는 단순화된 방법으로 기기에 작업을 요구한다(demand).

필요한 정보는 직관적으로 파악할수 있게 한다. 사용자의 interactive action을 최소하게 한다.

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