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Package Control has a couple of packages, EJS and EJS 2 (and maybe also Hyperloop EJS, if that’s a thing; I’m unfamiliar with EJS).

Just at first blush it seems like EJS 2 might be the better first bet; it’s been more recently updated and is using the newer sublime-syntax syntax format and seems to support more things. Take that with a grain of salt though, since I have no experience with either one.

You can select the command Package Control: Install Package from the command palette and then select one of those packages to install it. If you’re going to try them both, do it one at a time and use Package Control: Remove Package before installing the next one so that they don’t compete with each other.

If those commands aren’t in your command palette, you don’t have Package Control installed yet. In that case you can select Install Package Control from the command palette to install PC first. If that doesn’t work there are also instructions on how to install it manually.

Once you have a package installed, you can close and reopen the file to apply the correct syntax, or use the menu as you mention in your question.


wasent firebase node 사용하면서 ejs화일 editing하는데 불편함이 있었음. 그래서 찾아보게 된 자료

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