Closures in Swift 에서 참조

Description: ------------ There is a difference in behavior of call_user_func(array($this, $method)) and $this->$method() while class B inherits from class A and both declares the same method. The call_user_func() function seems to work as expected, but using $this->$method() seems to invoke parent method implementation instead of the overridden one. Reproduce code: --------------- class A { protected function Test() { echo 'Hello from '.get_class($this); } public function call($method, $args = array()) { return $this->$method(); //return call_user_func(array($this, $method)); } } class B extends A { protected function Test() { echo 'Overridden hello from '.get_class($this); } } $a = new A; $b = new B; $a->call('Test'); $b->call('Test'); Expected result: ---------------- Hello from A Overridden hello from B Actual result: -------------- Hello from A Hello from B